All-In-One Overflow Protection Device for Water Heaters

This state-of-the-art fluid detection device alerts homeowners when fluid is detected, prevents floods by pumping the retained fluid to a designated location, and alerts you of the leak, no matter where you are at the time. While similar products feature a detection or alarm system, only the OPD 250 includes a pump.

Hot water heater, featuring the OPD 250a attached model
Water Heater
Auto Dialer

3 Cutting-Edge Models

The base model of the OPD 250 OPD 250b

Base Model

Designed for the user to place their existing water heater into the device.

US Patent #7489253
The attached model of the OPD 250 OPD 250a

Attached Model

Designed to be affixed to the exterior of a water heater by the manufacturer.

US Patent #8013749
The integral model of the OPD 250 OPD 250i

Integral Model

Designed for seamless integration by being built within the water heater.

US Patent #8643497

Your Questions Answered

How does OPD250 increase profits?

  • The licensed manufacturer would have a strategic advantage.
  • Profit could be up to four times the cost to manufacture the device.
  • Consumers would boost sales through the desire for peace of mind, sharing positive results on social media, word of mouth marketing, and reorders when a new hot water heater is needed.

Is the OPD250 easy to integrate with hot water heaters?

  • It could be installed onto a hot water heater during the manufacturing process.
  • It could be installed onto a hot water heater after the manufacturing process.
  • It has the same footprint as the hot water heater, adding virtually no additional space requirements.

What differentiates the OPD250 from the competition?

  • It pumps leaking water, rather than merely collecting it in a pan.
  • The real time alert is both audible and a call to the consumer, if a leak is detected, for reminders to perform regular system tests, and when the hot water warranty period is about to expire.
  • Sediment is removed during the test cycle.
  • It is less disruptive than WAGS (water and gas shutoff)

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